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How to order you're own awesome card



I removed the frame counturing the card, then, simply extended the original artwork. just a little something extra to give a beloved card a bit more beauty



On these cards, I completly remove the text box and/or type line, full extending the artwork to the edges of the card, leaving only the name and information to be shown.

Partial Alters


On these cards I simply redraw, add, or extend only part of the original artwork. Sometimes, I simply let my imagination do the rest.

Fan Art

For all those stuck on an obsession. Be that Comics, My Little Pony, League, or some sad sad internet meme

Card Restorations


Sometimes I'm needed to restore the magic, even when it looks like they're truly lost

New Artwork


For all those looking for something Really original, sometimes regardless of the original artwork

Need to know more?

Pick you're style and send me a detailed email below about what you're looking for. What style of alter and anything you've got in mind as far as fan art is concerned. im open to pretty much anything :)


Other things I need to know is whether I will be ordering the card to be painted on your behalf and adding it to your final total or if you are shipping, or bringing me, the card to save a few bucks. If the card will be used for sanctioned tournament. And if you are looking to have the item shipped or picked up on location.



You can pay for your card in our store location or I can ring you through over the phone using our clever little Square Application. I have been doing this for the past 3 years and have yet to encounter an issue. If we need to make other arrangements just let me know. But no checks or money orders, and I would not advise sending cash in the mail....


All shipped cards will be wrapped in an Ultra Pro, Pro Fit sleeve which should be left on the card for the artworks protection. it will also be packaged in one dragon sheild deck protector per card and one seni ridgid sleeve. Sent first class with delivery confirmation.  


Cards normally take 1 to 2 weeks to finish. I will let you know if I currently backed up, but if an item is needed for an event I can try to make arrangements, but you've got to let me know. I CAN'T READ MINDS! Also, please remember, quality work does take time. I know it sometimes look like it, but I am not a mage. Even at my fastest, it still takes a few days for me to get all of my layers properly cured. I will not charge for a piece that I am not 100% satisfied as well

Now send me that email

you know you cant resist

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