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Ways YOU Can Help Excelsior

Word of Mouth

This is probably the most important thing anyone can do to help. Tell people about us! Spread the word, It doesn't cost a cent and creates an exponential growth in our community. 

Earn rewards and be part of growth before anyone else. Help decide what comes next for Excelsior, be it what new games we purchase, what fundraising we present, new merchandise, and join us for extra special, backer only events! 

We end up needing a lot of strange odds and ends to make things work. Sometimes its a few books or table mats, other times its things like tools and paint to make our larger projects happen. New games (video and tabletop) and controllers are also always needed to allow us to keep free play a thing. Anything here is generally requested by the local play groups and will have a happy home instantly! Things like controllers are always breaking and gift cards are welcome to cover those sorts of on the spot replacements. 

Tiana and Tracy are constantly trying to add new goods and the selection Threadless offers for print on demand is impressive, They have everything from small stickers to entire comforters, which our phoenix just happens to look great on everything!

A few times each year we run tee-shirt fundraisers to help with larger purchases, remodels, and community events, like your annual turkey potluck for Thanksgiving. So far we sold 148 shirt this way, to 111 buyers and raised $2,750 towards growth and community centered events!

Most Recent

Past Fundraisers

148 SOLD


$2,750 RAISED

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