In the deep vastness where legendary Pokemon roam, it is astonishingly rare to see even a single such legend's let alone three at once! This ultra-premium collection combines the power of three legendary Pokemon in one set of amazing etched foil cards, plus a trove of extras and accessories not found anywhere else.

Pokemon TCG: Hidden Fates Ultra-Premium Collection

    • 3 full-art foil cards: shiny rayquaza-gx plus special gold versions of solgaleo-gx and Lunala-GX
    • 1 card holder featuring shiny Rayquaza, to show off your favorite Pokemon TCG card
    • 15 Pokemon TCG: hidden fates booster packs ; Materials: Paper / plastic / neoprene
    • A full-size Pokemon TCG playmat for your next game
    • And a code card for the Pokemon trading card game online!
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